We introduce investors to your company, online

Africansmallcaps.com introduces investors to listed African companies continuously and effectively and removes the worries and hassles of investor relations website management. It's a low cost, balanced investor relations resource that actually does what good communication corporate governance principles requires.

Who manages it?

African Is Cool ('AIC'), a dedicated online investor relations company, manages Africansmallcaps.com.

How does it work?

AIC manages everything to do with a company's portal web page to ensure that it contains comprehensive, timely information and interactive communications tools for investors. Your portal investor relations web page can be embedded into corporate investor relation website sections with minimal hassle.

What’s included?

Comprehensive and timely investment data attracts investors. Africansmallcaps.com's interactivity and investor outreach tools identifies investors and uses secure two-way communication and software to build an ongoing relationship thereafter.

Why is this different to other portals?

Africansmallcaps.com doesn’t hide the identity of investors interested in listed companies. Investors are actively introduced to companies and thereafter ongoing interaction is facilitated using world class investor relations software (InvestorPass™)

The investment?

Investment in Africansmallcaps.com for listed companies can be as low as US$4,000 per annum depending on the options chosen. Discounts are provided to early subscribers and accelerated payment terms.

What's in it for investors?

A direct, secure, two communications link to a community of listed companies often overlooked in African markets because of the absence of information and liquidity.

How much do investors accessing the portal pay?

Nothing. It's free.